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Non-CAIDA Publications using CAIDA data

This page contains a list of publications from research using CAIDA data. The purpose of this list is to provide insight into past uses of CAIDA data. We rely on researchers who download our data to comply with the Acceptable Use Policies of our datasets in reporting published papers and presentations to us. If you would like to report a publication or provide an update to information listed here, see our Data Publication Report Page. For a description of how we track down these publications see our procedure for locating publications using CAIDA data.

We would like to thank all researchers who reported their publications using CAIDA data, with a special thanks to Paolo Federico, Alberto Dainotti and Antonio Pescapè for reporting numerous publications.

For a previously collated list of papers referencing CAIDA's skitter project, see Publications referencing the skitter tool or data. For a list of all papers published by CAIDA authors, see Papers by CAIDA.

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This map shows a geographic distribution of the institutional affiliations of the first author of papers published by non-CAIDA researchers that used one or more of the datasets distributed by CAIDA.

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Baltimore, MD, USFast and evasive attacks: highlighting the challenges aheadRajab, M., Monrose, F., et al.Network Telescope: Witty Worm2006-09
Athens, GRThe multiple instances of node centrality and their implicat ...Nomikos, G., Pantazopoulos, P., et al.Topology with Archipelago2013-12
Washington DC, USAn empirical evaluation of relay selection in TorWacek, C., Tan, H., et al.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with BGP2013-02
Madrid, ESDriving in the cloud: An analysis of drive-by download opera ...Nappa, A., Rafique, M.Z., et al.Topology with BGP2013-07
Madrid, ESSTONE: A stream-based DDoS defense frameworkCallau-Zori, M., Jimenez-Peris, R., et al.Denial of Service Attacks2013-03
Coimbra, PTPeer selection in P2P service overlays using geographical lo ...Fiorese, A., Simoes, P., et al.Topology with Archipelago2012-06
Koganei, JPExperiences in emulating 10K AS topology with massive VM mul ...Miwa, S., Suzuki, M., et al.Topology with BGP2009-08
Changsha, CNHow resilient are individual ASes against AS-level link fail ...Deng, W., Zhu, P., et al.Topology with BGP2011-04
Marina Del Rey, CA, USSelecting representative IP addresses for internet topology ...Fan, X., Heidemann, J.Topology with Archipelago2010-11
Paris, FRMeasuring fundamental properties of real-world complex netwo ...Latapy, M., Magnien, C.Topology with Skitter2006-09
Atlanta, GA, USImportance-scanning worm using vulnerable-host distributionChen, Z., Ji, C.Network Telescope: Witty Worm2005-11
Richland, WA, USMassive scale cyber traffic analysis: A driver for graph dat ...Joslyn, C., Choudhury, S., et al.Denial of Service Attacks, Anonymized Internet Traces2013-06
Nancy, FRActivity monitoring for large honeynets and network telescop ...Francois, J., State, R., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2008-00
Berlin, DEProtecting DNS from routing attacks: a comparison of two alt ...Avramopoulos, I., Suchara, M.Topology with BGP2009-09
Aachen, DEMeasuring complexity and predictability in networks with mul ...Riihijarvi, J., Mahonen, P., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2009-04
Stony Brook, NY, USHigh speed multicast scheduling in hybrid optical packet swi ...Guo, Z., Yang, Y.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-06
Rome, ITMeasuring route diversity in the internet from remote vantag ...Di Menna, A., Refice, T., et al.Topology with BGP2009-05
Brescia, ITAn SMV-based approach to traffic classificationEste, A., Gringoli, F., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2008-00
West Lafayette, IN, USSecurity and economic implications of localizing traffic in ...Seibert, J.Topology with BGP2012-05
Budapest, HULobby index in networksKorn, A., Schubert, A., et al.Topology with Skitter2009-06
Boston, MA, USOn the cost of supporting multihoming and mobilityIshakian, V., Akinwumi, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2009-06
Cookeville, TN, USIncremental anomaly detection in graphsEberle, W., Holder, L.Topology with BGP2013-12
Delft, NLOn properties of multicast routing treesJanic, M., Van Mieghem, P.Topology with Skitter2005-11
Guildford, UKPolicy-aware virtual relay placement for inter-domain path d ...Guo, T., Wang, N., et al.Topology with BGP2010-08
Bangkok, THA study of autonomous system relationships within ThailandSiritana, H., Kitisin, S., et al.Topology with BGP2011-05
Tianjin, CNAn efficient framework for parallel and continuous frequent ...Zhang, Y., Sun, Y., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-12
Hong Kong, CNEntropy based flow aggregationHu, Y., Chiu, D.-M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2006-04
Bydgoszcz, PLExpansion of matching pursuit methodology for anomaly detect ...Saganowski, L., Andrysiak, T., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2011-00
Ann Arbor, MI, USInternet routing resilience to failures: analysis and implic ...Wu, J., Zhang, Y., et al.Topology with BGP2007-00
Richardson, TX, USEstimating network layer subnet characteristics via statisti ...Tozal, M.E., Sarac, K.Topology with BGP2012-05
Potsdam, GEOn the extent of correlation in BGP updates in the Internet ...Sapegin, A., Uhlig, S.Topology with Archipelago2013-09
Florham Park, NJ, USDemo abstract: towards extracting semantics by visualizing l ...Gansner, E.R., Krishnamurthy, B., et al.Topology with Archipelago2014-01
Brisbane, AUEnsemble-based DDoS detection and mitigation modelBhatia, S., Schmidt, D., et al.Denial of Service Attacks2012-10
Vigo, ESBounded energy consumption with dynamic packet coalescingHerreria-Alonso, S., Rodriguez-Perez, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-06
Newcastle, UKMessage traceback systems. Dancing with the devilAndreou, M.S.Anonymized Internet Traces, Topology with Skitter2009-09
Ottawa, CAA TCP connection establishment filter: symmetric connection ...Whitehead, B., Lung, C.-H., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2007-06
Manhattan, KS, USViral conductance: Quantifying the robustness of networks wi ...Youssef, M., Kooij, R., et al.Topology with Skitter2011-03
Beijing, CNRobust TCP reassembly with a hardware-based solution for bac ...Yuan, R., Weibing, Y., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-07
Enschede, NLGaussian traffic revisitedSchmidt, R., Sadre, R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-05
Madrid, ESReducing the cost of implementing error correction codes in ...Reviriego, P., Pontarelli, S., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-07
Madrid, ESImproving energy efficiency in IEEE 802.3ba high-rate ethern ...Reviriego, P., Huiszoon, B., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-03
Madison, WI, USWhat's in a name?: decoding router interface namesChabarek, J., Barford, P.Topology with Archipelago2013-08
Haifa, ILThe Bloom paradox: When not to use a Bloom filterRottenstreich, O., Keslassy, I.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-06
St. Louis, MO, USExploiting locality to ameliorate packet queue contention an ...Kumar, S., Maschmeyer, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2006-05
Daegu, KRAdaptive load shedding via fuzzy control in data stream mana ...Basaran, C., Kang, K.-D., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-12
Auckland, NZObservations of UDP to TCP ratio and port numbersLee, D., Carpenter, B.E., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-06
Tiruchirappalli, INDetection of distributed denial of service attacks using an ...Kumar, P.A.R., Selvakumar, S.Denial of Service Attacks, Network telescope: Other2013-02
Los Angeles, CA, USGA-based internet traffic classification technique for QoS p ...Park, J., Tyan, H.-R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2006-12
Hangzhou, CNOptimal control of DDoS defense with multi-resource max-min ...Wei, W., Dong, Y., et al.Topology with Skitter2008-09
Changsha, CNA study of hinge-transmit property of BGP routing systemYujing, L., Bofeng, Z., et al.Topology with BGP2010-01
Ghaziabad, INIPv4 to IPv6 shift: major challengesVerma, H., Yadav, B., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-04
Tel-Aviv, ILCBTree: A practical concurrent self-adjusting search treeKorenfeld, B.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-05
Beijing, CNFlattening and preferential attachment in the Internet evolu ...Li, M., Wang, H., et al.Topology with BGP2012-09
Shijiazhuang, CNCombating good point set scanning-based self-learning worms ...Wang, F., Zhang, Y., et al.Network Telescope: Witty Worm2013-01
Osaka, JPOn-line detection of persistently high packet-rate flows via ...Kudo, T., Takin, T.Anonymized Internet Traces, Network Telescope: Backscatter2014-01
Gif sur Yvette, FRInternet topology on as-level: Model, generation methods and ...Tomasik, J., Weisser, M.-A.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with BGP2011-01
Los Angeles, CA, USTradeoffs in CDN designs for throughput oriented trafficYu, M., Jiang, W., et al.Topology with Archipelago2012-12
Liege, BENetwork fingerprinting: TTL-based router signaturesVanaubel, Y., Pansiot, J.-J., et al.Topology with Archipelago2013-10
Brescia, ITMTCLASS: Enabling statistical traffic classification of mult ...Gringoli, F., Nava, L., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-08
Naples, ITTopology discovery at the router level: a new hybrid tool ta ...Marchetta, P., Merindol, P., et al.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with Skitter2011-10
Shenyang, CNAnalysis of interlayer connection catastrophe characteristic ...Yang, B., Zhao, H., et al.Topology with Archipelago2013-02
Harbin, CNFeature selection for optimizing traffic classificationZhang, H., Lu, G., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-04
Tokyo, JPLow-power network-packet-processing architecture using proce ...Okuno, M., Ishida, S., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2005-04
Halifax, CAIP traceback through (authenticated) deterministic flow mark ...Aghaei-Foroushani, V., Zincir-Heywood, A.N.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-00
Brno, CZOptimization of network flow monitoringZadnik, M.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-05
Paris, FRAutour du caractere arborescent d'Internetde Montgolfier, F., Soto, M., et al.Topology with Skitter2010-10
Madrid, ESIncreasing the MTU size for energy efficiency in ethernetReviriego, P., Sanchez-Macian, A., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-06
Palma de Mallorca, ESStructural efficiency of percolated landscapes in flow netwo ...Serrano, M.A., De Los Rios, P.Topology with BGP2008-11
Redmond, WA, USUsing trustworthy host-based information in the networkParno, B., Zhou, Z., et al.Topology with Skitter2012-10
Paris, FRThe inframetric model for the internetFraigniaud, P., Febhar, E., et al.Topology with Skitter2008-04
Los Angeles, CA, USCollaborative change detection of DDoS attacks on community ...Chen, Y., Hwang, K.Anonymized Internet Traces2006-05
Austin, TX, USNo direction home: The true cost of routing around decoysHoumansadr, A., Wong, E.L., et al.Topology with BGP2014-02
Beijing, CNPassive IP traceback: capturing the origin of anonymous traf ...Yao, G., Bi, J., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2010-10
Halifax, CAOn evaluating IP traceback schemes: a practical perspectiveAghaei-Foroushani, V., Zincir-Heywood, A.N.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-05
Philadelphia, PA, USPeer-assisted content distribution in Akamai NetSessionZhao, M., Aditya, P., et al.Topology with BGP2013-10
Buenos Aires, ARA low complexity visualization tool that helps to perform co ...Beiro, M.G., Alvarez-Hamelin, J.I., et al.Topology with Skitter2008-12
Jinan, CNIdentifying heavy-hitter flows fast and accuratelyZhang, N., Wang, F., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-06
Durham, NC, USImproving IP-based geo-location through Internet topology an ...Moses, K.V.Topology with BGP2013-00
Berlin, DEIn search for an appropriate granularity to model routing po ...Muehlbauer, W., Uhlig, S., et al.Topology with BGP2007-10
Orlando, FL, USInternet exchange points and Internet routingAhmad, M.Z., Guha, R.Topology with Archipelago2011-10
Waterford, IEQoSPlan: A measurement based quality of service aware networ ...Davy, A., Jennings, B., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-06
Leuven, BEOn the impact of clustering on measurement reductionSaucez, D., Donnet, B., et al.Topology with Archipelago2009-05
Nanjing, CNOnline identification of Tor anonymous communication trafficHe, G.-F., Yang, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-03
Shenyang, CNInternet complex network separation degree analysis based on ...Su, W.-J., Zhao, H., et al.Topology with Archipelago2005-09
Davis, CA, USThe quantitative comparison of computer networksBrugger, S.T.Anonymized Internet Traces2009-06
Beijing, CNTowards high-performance network application identification ...He, F., Xiang, F., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-05
Zurich, CHAnatomy of a large European IXPAger, B., Chatzis, N., et al.Topology with BGP2012-08
Aalto, FIPredictive models of network traffic loadPouzols, F.M., Lopez, D.R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-00
Harbin, CNIdentifying heavy hitters in high-speed network monitoringZhang, Y., Fang, B.X., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-03
Pittsburgh, PA, USFIT: Fast Internet TracebackYaar, A., Perrig, A., et al.Topology with Skitter2005-03
Daejeon, KRUnmasking the growing UDP traffic in a campus networkLee, C., Lee, D.K., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-03
Palo Alto, CA, USRethinking packet forwarding hardwareCasado, M., Koponen, T., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2008-11
Syracuse, NY, USA model for recursive propagations of reputations in social ...Lee, J.Y., Oh, J.C.Topology with BGP2013-08
Los Angeles, CA, USReducing dynamic power dissipation in pipelined forwarding e ...Jiang, W., Prasanna, V.K.Anonymized Internet Traces2009-10
Manouba, TNA traffic coherence analysis model for DDoS attack detectionRahmani, H., Sahli, N., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces, Network Telescope: Backscatter2009-07
London, UKRevisiting the issues on netflow sample and export performan ...Haddadi, H., Landa, R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2007-04
Singapore, SGEfficient extraction of high-betweenness verticesChong, W.H., Toh, W.S.B., et al.Topology with BGP2010-08
Monteluco di Roio, ITPartially dynamic efficient algorithms for distributed short ...Ciceronea, S., D'Angelo, G., et al.Topology with Archipelago2010-02
Ishikawa, JPDesign and implementation of XBurnerMiyachi, T., Miwa, S.Topology with BGP2013-03
Madrid, ESWire-speed statistical classification of network traffic on ...Santiago del Rio, P.M., Rossi, D., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-11
Minneapolis, MI, USToward building practical privacy enhancing technologiesLin, Z.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-07
Shenyang, CNA power-law approach on router-level internet macroscopic to ...Xu, Y., Zhang, W.Topology with BGP2009-06
Urbana, IL, USSWIRL: A scalable watermark to detect correlated network flo ...Houmansadr, A., Borisov, N.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-02
Beijing, CNAntiworm NPU-based parallel Bloom filters for TCP/IP content ...Chen, Z., Lin, C., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2005-11
Urbana, IL, USCirripede: Circumvention Infrastructure using Router Redirec ...Houmansadr, A., Nguyen, G.T.K., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-10
Beer-Sheva, ILCollaborative attack on internet users' anonymityPuzis, R., Yagil, D., et al.Topology with BGP2009-00
Princeton, NJ, USOnline measurement of large traffic aggregates on commodity ...Jose, L., Yu, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-03
Loughborough, UKUsing wavelets for compression and detecting events in anoma ...Kyriakopoulos, K.G., Parish, D.J.Network Telescope: Witty Worm2009-09
Victoria, CAStatistical assessment of peer-to-peer botnet featuresGodkin, T.Topology with Skitter2013-04
Hamburg, DEOn the correlation of geographic and network proximity at in ...Schmidt, T.C., Wahlisch, M., et al.Topology with Skitter2007-04
Madrid, ESMultimedia flow classification at 10 Gbps using acceleration ...Leira, R., Gomez, P., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-06
College Station, TX, USStochastic pre-classification for Software Defined FirewallsGhoshal, P., Casey, C.J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-07
Manouba, TNJoint entropy analysis model for DDoS attack detectionRahmani, H., Sahli, N., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces, Network Telescope: Backscatter2009-08
Davis, CA, USProgME: towards programmable network measurementYuan, L., Chuah, C., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2007-00
Newark, NJ, USA router-based technique to mitigate reduction of quality (R ...Shevtekar, A., Ansari, N.Anonymized Internet Traces2008-04
Hong Kong, CNAchieving high-bitrate overlay live streaming with proxy hel ...Ren, D., Chan, S.G.Topology with Archipelago2012-05
Fort Collins, CO, USCharacterizing vulnerability to IP hijack attemptsGersch, J., Massey, D.Topology with BGP2013-11
Brisbane, AUDetecting Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks and flash ev ...Bhatia, S.Denial of Service Attacks2013-08
College Park, MD, USCharacterizing the dynamical importance of network nodes and ...Restrepo, J.G., Ott, E., et al.Topology with BGP2006-09
Munich, DEAn application-aware load balancing strategy for network pro ...Ohlendorf, R., Meitinger, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-01
Hangzhou, CNTraffic congestion in interconnected complex networksTan, F, Wu, J., et al.Topology with BGP2014-01
Pisa, ITk-clique communities in the Internet AS-level topology graphGregori, E., Lenzini, L., et al.Topology with Archipelago2011-06
Budapest, HUCompressing IP forwarding tables: towards entropy bounds and ...Retvari, G., Tapolcai, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-10
Paris, FRComplex network measurements: estimating the relevance of ob ...Latapy, M., Magnien, C.Topology with Skitter2008-04
Harbin, CNParallelizing weighted frequency counting in high-speed netw ...Zhang, Y., Fang, B.X., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-04
Urbana, IL, USNon-blind watermarking of network flowsHoumansadr, A., Kiyavash, N., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-03
Cleveland, OH, USSmall-world characteristics of internet topologies and impli ...Jin, S., Bestavros, A.Topology with Skitter2006-04
Shenyang, CNCollapse by cascading failures in hybrid attacked regional I ...Xu, Y., Wang, Z.Topology with Archipelago2012-04
Tokyo, JPEstimating AS relationships for application-layer traffic op ...Asai, H., Esaki, H.Topology with BGP2010-09
Madrid, ESA simple analytical model for energy efficient ethernetMarsan, M.A., Fernandez Anta, A., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-07
Shenyang, CNRobustness analyses of Internet topology with power-law feat ...Xu, Y., Ma, W.Topology with Archipelago2014-00
Nanjing, CNDisclosing the element distribution of Bloom filterPeng, Y., Gong, J., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2006-05
Austin, TX, USDetecting overlapping temporal community structure in time-e ...Chen, Y., Kawadia, V., et al.Topology with Skitter2013-03
Ningbo, CNCTFPi: A new method for packet filtering of firewallNi, C., Jin, G.Topology with Skitter2013-01
London, UKTechniques for flow inversion on sampled dataClegg, R., Landa, R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2008-04
Gothenburg, SECharacterization and classification of internet backbone tra ...John, W.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-02
Berlin, DEExploring reachability via settlement-free peeringMeyer, S., Wahlisch, M., et al.Topology with BGP2012-12
Madrid, ESInternet traffic classification for high-performance and off ...Santiago del Rio, P.M.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-05
Madrid, ESApplication of Internet traffic characterization to all-opti ...Santiago del Rio, P.M., Ramos, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-08
Brisbane, AUParametric differences between a real-world Distributed Deni ...Bhatia, S., Mohay, G., et al.Denial of Service Attacks2011-08
Riverside, CA, USInferential time-decaying Bloom filtersDautrich Jr, J.L., Ravishankar, C.V.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-03
Atlanta, GA, USNon-crypto hardware hash functions for high performance netw ...Hua, N., Norige, E., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-10
Orlando, FL, USEvaluating end-user network benefits of peering with path la ...Ahmad, M.Z., Guha, R.Topology with BGP2012-07
Melbourne, AUMark-aided distributed filtering by using neural network for ...Xiang, Y., Zhou, W.Topology with Skitter2005-11
Rochester, NY, USCharacterizing transition behaviors in Internet attack seque ...Du, H., Yang, S.J.Network telescope: Other2011-07
Lisboa, PTA fresh look at inter-domain route aggregationSobrinho, J.L., Le, F.Topology with BGP2012-03
Shenyang, CNOn an IBA topology model for internet topology structureXu, Y., Wang, Z.Topology with Skitter2010-06
Beijing, CNEvaluating and optimizing IP lookup on many core processorsHe, P., Guan, H., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-08
Atlanta, GA, USRealistic topology modeling for the internet BGP infrastruct ...Raghavan, V., Riley, G., et al.Topology with BGP2008-09
Tokyo, JPTowards interdomain transit traffic reduction in peer-assist ...Asai, H., Esaki, H.Topology with BGP2010-09
San Diego, CA, USBitmap algorithms for counting active flows on high speed li ...Estan, C., Varghese, G., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2003-10
Boston, MA, USOn the geographic location of internet resourcesLakhina, A., Byers, J.W., et al.Topology with Skitter2003-08
Bydgoszcz, PLDDoS attacks detection by means of greedy algorithmsAndrysiak, T., Saganowski, L., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2013-00
Seoul, KRAS-level topology collection through looking glass serversKhan, A., Kwon, T., et al.Topology with Archipelago2013-10
Lisboa, PTA theory for the connectivity discovered by routing protocol ...Sobrinho, J.L., Tiago Quelhas, T.Topology with BGP2012-06
Beijing, CNEvaluating potential routing diversity for internet failure ...Hu, C., Chen, K., et al.Topology with BGP2010-05
Waterloo, CAPerformance analysis of TCAMs in switchesTawakol, A.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-04
Omaha, NE, USExamining change in Internet topology in terms of external e ...Bell, C.Topology with Skitter2011-08
Brescia, ITSupport Vector Machines for TCP traffic classificationEste, A., Gringoli, F., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2009-09
Pullman, WA, USA collaborative defense framework against DDoS attacks in ne ...Liu, H.Denial of Service Attacks, Anonymized Internet Traces2013-05
Fort Collins, CO, USEpiphany: A location hiding architecture for protecting crit ...Kambhampati, V., Papadopolous, C., et al.Topology with Archipelago2012-06
Enschede, NLLightweight link dimensioning using sFlow samplingSchmidt, R., Sadre, R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-10
Tel-Aviv, ILNear-deterministic inference of AS relationshipsShavitt, Y., Shir, E., et al.Topology with BGP2009-06
Paris, FREfficient route tracing from a single sourceDonnet, B., Raoult, P., et al.Topology with Skitter2006-05
Beijing, CNA more efficient hybrid approach for single-packet IP traceb ...Wang, Y., Su, S., et al.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with Skitter2012-02
Stony Brook, NY, USPipelining multicast scheduling in all-optical packet switch ...Guo, Z., Yang, Y.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-09
Urbana, IL, USProtecting anonymity in the presence of autonomous system an ...Juen, J.Topology with BGP2012-09
Rome, ITOn-the-fly statistical classification of internet traffic at ...Baiocchi, A., Maiolini, G., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2008-10
Edinburgh, UKEmpirical evaluation of data transformations for network inf ...Fenacci, D., Franke, B.Topology with Archipelago, Anonymized Internet Traces2010-07
Tokyo, JPAURORA: Autonomous System relationships-aware overlay routin ...Asai, H., Esaki, H.Topology with BGP2009-08
Rio de Janeiro, BRECO-ALOC: Energy-efficient resource allocation for cluster-b ...Fragni, C., Costa, L.H.M.K.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-06
Boston, MA, USOn supporting mobility and multihoming in recursive internet ...Ishakian, V., Akinwumi, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-10
Newark, DE, USMisbehaviors in TCP SACK generationEkiz, N., Rahman, A.H., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-04
Valencia, ESNetwork performance analysis based on histogram workload mod ...Hernandez-Orallo, E., Vila-Carbo, J.Anonymized Internet Traces2007-10
Victoria, CAEvaluating the effectiveness of Sybil attacks against peer-t ...Verigin, A.L.Topology with Archipelago2013-12
Haifa, ILReducing the reordering delay in multi-core network processo ...Shpiner, A., Keslassy, I., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-01
Minneapolis, MN, USRouting around decoysSchuchard, M., Geddes, J., et al.Topology with BGP2012-10
Baltimore, MD, USWorm evolution tracking via timing analysisRajab, M., Monrose, F., et al.Network Telescope: Witty Worm2005-11
Redmond, WA, USSampling strategies for epidemic-style information dissemina ...Vojnovic, M., Gupta, V., et al.Network Telescope: Witty Worm2007-04
Shanghai, CNRobustness of networks against cascading failuresDou, B-L, Wang, X-G, et al.Topology with BGP2010-05
Barcelona, ESThe impact of content delivery networks on the Internet ecos ...Palacin, M., Oliver, M., et al.Topology with BGP2013-00
Ramat-Gan, ILFragmentation considered vulnerableGilad, Y., Herzberg, A.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-04
Tokyo, JPA novel hybrid IP traceback scheme with packet countersKarasawa, T., Soshi, M., et al.Topology with Skitter2012-11
Nancy, FRTracking global wide configuration errorsFrancois, J., State, R., et al.Network Telescope: Backscatter2006-09
Berlin, DESearch and analysis of backbone traffic measurements in the ...Idzikowski, F.Anonymized Internet Traces2009-03
Pohang, KRTraffic dispersion graph based anomaly detectionLe, D.Q., Jeong, T., et al.Denial of Service Attacks2011-10
Beijing, CNModeling the IPv6 internet AS-level topologyXiao, B., Liu, L., et al.Topology with Skitter2009-02
Rome, ITOn the feasibility of static analysis for BGP convergenceCittadini, L., Rimondini, M., et al.Topology with BGP2009-08
Wuerzburg, DEPerformance evaluation and optimization of content distribut ...Lehrieder, F.Topology with BGP2013-06
Munich, DEFlexPath NP - flexible, dynamically reconfigurable processin ...Ohlendorf, R., Meitinger, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-03
Irvine, CA, USPractical recommendations on crawling online social networksGjoka, M., Kurant, M., et al.Topology with BGP2011-10
Urbana, IL, USPreventing encrypted traffic analysisSchear, N.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-01
Urbana, IL, USDesign, analysis, and implementation of effective network fl ...Houmansadr, A.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-00
Hamburg, DEWhat is happening from behind?: Making the impact of interne ...Wahlisch, M., Schmidt, T.C., et al.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with Skitter2008-00
Braga, PTOptimizing network measurements through self-adaptive sampli ...Silva, J.M.C., Lima, S.R.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-06
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