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From: Larry McDonnell (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 10:01:14 PDT

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    I know snmp++ is not one of the products create by CAIDA. But I am not
    getting any answers from their site. In order for me to get this package to
    start to compile, I needed to remove the following:

    COPTIONS = -g -mt -D_REENTRANT -PIC -D_XPG4_EXTENDED -Dsun -D__unix

    In the Makefile COPTIONS = is blank. It now breaks at the point where it is
    trying to create addressx11.o. Here is the error:

    g++ -DSNMPX11 -I/usr/include/X11R5 -I../include -c notifyqueue.cpp -o
    notifyqueue.cpp: In method `int CNotifyEventQueue::AddEntry(class Snmp *,
    const class
    SnmpCollection<Oid> &, const class SnmpCollection<CTarget> &, const class
    SnmpCollection<GenAddress> &)':
    notifyqueue.cpp:293: warning: passing `const SnmpCollection<GenAddress>' as
    argument of `int SnmpCollection<GenAddress>::size()' discards const
    g++ -I../include address.o counter.o ctr64.o gauge.o integer.o octet.o
    oid.o pdu.o
    target.o timetick.o vb.o asn1.o snmpmsg.o uxsnmp.o eventlist.o msgqueue.o
    userdefined.o usertimeout.o msec.o notifyqueue.o -G -o
    make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target `addressx11.o'

    The directory already has some *x11.o files created, so I am at a lost.

    flow# ls *.o
    address.o gaugex11.o octetx11.o timetickx11.o
    asn1.o integer.o oid.o userdefined.o
    asn1x11.o integerx11.o oidx11.o userdefinedx11.o
    counter.o msec.o pdu.o usertimeout.o
    counterx11.o msecx11.o pdux11.o usertimeoutx11.o
    ctr64.o msgqueue.o snmpmsg.o uxsnmp.o
    ctr64x11.o msgqueuex11.o snmpmsgx11.o uxsnmpx11.o
    eventlist.o notifyqueue.o target.o vb.o
    eventlistx11.o notifyqueuex11.o targetx11.o vbx11.o
    gauge.o octet.o timetick.o

    Any ideas to my situation? Thanks.

    - Larry McDonnell
      221 Whitney Ave.
       New Haven, CT 06520
       (203) 432-6942

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