Re: problems with samplicator, anyone able to help?

From: Simon Leinen (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 07:57:56 PDT

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    >>>>> "af" == Andrew Fort <> writes:
    > I'm using Samplicator 1.2.1, with the "-S" argument (spoof source
    > address), my cmdline option is:

    > /usr/local/bin/samplicate -S -p 2048 remote.machine/2055/1
    > local.machine/2049/1 &

    > important: "remote.machine" is in a different subnet to
    > "local.machine".

    > local.machine is getting the flows correctly (my cflowdmux listens
    > on port 2049), but my cflowdmux on remote.machine is not (it's
    > listening successfully on port 2055).

    Maybe the packets get dropped by an intermediate router because of the
    spoofed source address. Are the original NetFlow source (router) and
    the samplicator on the same subnet? It could also be another kind of
    packet filter on the router path.

    > Does samplicate work succesfully pushing the data out through a
    > router interface? Anyone had a similar problem?

    I sometimes use the samplicator in spoofing mode through a couple of
    routers and it works ok (although I tend to lose packets from time to
    time when I send them through the whole country :-).

    > I have not yet tested placing "remote.machine" in the same subnet as
    > "local.machine", this will be my next test (after lunch, when I get
    > my hands on this dual 750 machine :)

    Simon Leinen	

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