No outbound traffic for any graphs (CampusIO)???

From: Todd Caine (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 09:43:39 PDT

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    I am using the reporting module and am not
    seeing any outbound traffic. Netflow is enabled on a
    private peering point and is configured as 'version 5
    peer-as'. I used flowdump on the flows.current file and saw
    that the only next hop addresses were our local routers
    attached to the same SRP ring, instead of a nexthop address
    from our bilateral peer.

    In my CampusIO config file I was using the 'NextHops'
    directive and had that set to the IP address taken from the
    neighbor statement for the bilateral peer. I have recently
    tried using the 'OutputIfIndexes' directives instead and
    configured it with the ifIndex for the interface connected
    to our peer.

    Any ideas why I am not getting any outbound traffic?

    By the way, thanks for flowscan Dave, I always love
    integrating open source tools! ; )


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