Re: failed to create packet queue

From: Clark Gaylord (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 10:24:46 PDT

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    Alexandre ( hit the nail on the head. I was
    asking for 10MB of buffer, and by default there is only 4MB of shared
    memory allowed per process on FreeBSD. I've changed it to 1MB buffer,
    and now we have joy.

    Neal ( had suggested some path existance issues. A
    good thought, but I had already travelled that road. And, of course,
    "public" may or may not be my actual community and I may or may not use
    an access-list on snmp read and I may or may not have used a different
    IP address in my e-mail than the real one. I will also neither confirm
    nor deny that I actually exist. :-)

    Many thanks.


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    This message is related to the creation of a shared memory, the name /home/cgaylord/cflowd/etc/cflowd.conf is only used to create a unique reference to the shared memory allocated. This problem problably is caused by: this file /home/cgaylord/cflowd/etc/cflowd.conf does not exists, or your FreeBSD kernel is not compiled with shared memory support or is not permiting to create a shared memory with 2MB os space.

    Alexandre P. Ferreira Consultant

    Clark Gaylord wrote:

    > I have recently built cflowd on FreeBSD, but cannot get cflowdmux to > start. I am receiving the following syslog messages on starting > cflowdmux: > > ====================================================================== > Sep 27 11:35:21 mfvg-test2 cflowdmux[36714]: [E] > shmget(ftok("/home/cgaylord/cflowd/etc/cflowd.conf",0), > 10489856,IPC_CREAT|S_IRWXU|S_IRGRP|S_IROTH) > failed: No such file or directory {} > .... > PKTBUFSIZE: 10485760 > -- cflowd mailing list

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