FlowScan @LISA 2000, Dec. 3-8, New Orleans

From: Dave Plonka (plonka@doit.wisc.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 12:31:24 PDT

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    cflowd users,

    FYI, there are a number of Network and NetFlow-related technical
    sessions, including my session on FlowScan, scheduled for the LISA 2000
    Conference, Dec. 3-8, in New Orleans. The URL for LISA 2000 is:


    Specifically, the 3 NetFlow session are scheduled for the "Network
    Administration Track" on Wed. at 4-5:30PM here:


     Go with the Netflow
       Session Chair: David Williamson, Certainty Solutions

     * Combining Cisco NetFlow Exports with Relational Database Technology for
       Usage Statistics, Intrusion Detection, and Network Forensics

       Bill Nickless, John-Paul Navarro, and Linda Winkler,
       Argonne National Laboratory

     * The OSU Flow-tools Package and CISCO NetFlow Logs

       Steve Romig, Mark Fullmer, and Ron Luman,
       The Ohio State University

     * FlowScan: A Network Traffic Flow Reporting and Visualization Tool

       Dave Plonka,
       University of Wisconsin - Madison


    plonka@doit.wisc.edu  http://net.doit.wisc.edu/~plonka  ARS:N9HZF  Madison, WI
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