Re: v5 export w/PA-A3 OC12 in a Cisco 75xx router?

From: Ahsan Saleem Khan (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 05:21:15 PDT

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    Do you mean that you could not get the snmp ID of CAR in 7500.??

    if so you can just type

    snmpwalk snmpcommunity

    and it will display you all the ID's its have, you can then filter the CAR
    from there .

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    > On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 03:46:03PM -0500, Dave Plonka wrote:
    > > Anyone out there have experience (good or bad) with the PA-A3 OC12 card
    > > in a 7500 series router? My coworkers have scheduled an "emergency"
    > > upgrade for tomorrow AM to put this thing into a production router
    > > without my having a chance to test it with v5 export beforehand.
    > Just answering my own question here, for the benefit of anyone else who
    > does this in the future:
    > NetFlow v5 flow export did continue to work find on one of our 7500
    > series router after replacing an OC3 with the PA-A3 OC12 and upgrading
    > from RSP4 to RSP8.
    > Now, how to get the CISCO-CAR-MIB to work on the 75xx?
    > I am not able to select the CISC-CAR-MIB objects from our 75xx router
    > running 12.0(13)S, but I am able to select it from a GSR running
    > 12.0(11)S3:
    > $ snmpwalk <router> <community> . # ciscoCarMIB
    > While it doesn't seem cflowd related, what I want to do is to collect
    > the CAR stats and correlate them with the flow stats in near
    > real-time.
    > Please email if you think it's off topic, but have some insight.
    > Thanks,
    > Dave
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