Is there any way to recieve outbound flow data?

From: Todd Caine (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 10:47:51 PDT

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    I apologize in advance if we have beat this topic to death.
    I just am not quite understanding if cflowd is working
    correctly. Here is my scenario:

    I am ISP B, I have a direct connection to ISP A. I enable
    ip route cache flow on my interface.

                            ___ ip route cache flow enabled
    ---------- ----------
    | ISP A |--------| ISP B |
    ---------- ----------

    Should flow-export data only be for inbound flows since I
    only have 'ip route cache flow' enabled on the ingress

    Is it possible to get data for outbound flows? How?

    Any information would be appreciated. Please don't just
    copy and paste the docs. I have read them and still don't
    quite understand. This is a cflowd for dummies type


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