Re: Is there any way to recieve outbound flow data?

From: Jeffrey Papen (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 12:59:35 PDT

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    You show outbound flows by polling all the interfaces that feed data to ISP A and then filtering out data to your own AS (if one interface on router X sends traffic to another interface on router X that is not destined to ISP A).

    It's a pain, but NetFlow only gives one direction.

    i.e. I have a given router with 2 uplinks to our ISP and 4 interfaces/subnets. I poll data from all 4 subnets and add it up, then subtract data destined back to my AS. For inbound stats, I just poll the two uplinks.

    - Jeffrey

    Todd Caine wrote:
    > I apologize in advance if we have beat this topic to death.
    > I just am not quite understanding if cflowd is working
    > correctly. Here is my scenario:
    > I am ISP B, I have a direct connection to ISP A. I enable
    > ip route cache flow on my interface.
    > ___ ip route cache flow enabled
    > v
    > ---------- ----------
    > | ISP A |--------| ISP B |
    > ---------- ----------
    > Should flow-export data only be for inbound flows since I
    > only have 'ip route cache flow' enabled on the ingress
    > interface?
    > Is it possible to get data for outbound flows? How?
    > Any information would be appreciated. Please don't just
    > copy and paste the docs. I have read them and still don't
    > quite understand. This is a cflowd for dummies type
    > question.
    > Thanks,
    > Todd
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