various crashes

From: George Boulescu (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 03:08:23 PDT

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    I'am running cflowd 2.1.9a with Dave Plonka's patch on a dual P2/392 box
    (overcloked from 350) with 128M of ram ...
    The machine is also running flowscan and other network monitoring tools,
    as well as a apache w/ssl ...

    The first problem is that I'am getting an error message from cflowd :

    Oct 7 12:53:47 trinity cflowd[2905]: [E] MSYNC_MS_SYNC(0x4cf61000,1000000)
            failed: Input/output error {}

    very often in my syslog ..

    When I first run cflowd (3 months ago) I didn't got that message. I have
    changed the IOS on my 7500 but I don't think that the IOS is the problem.
    I run 12.1.4 provider version.

    The second problem is that cflowd experinces varions crashes after I have
    moved it on this dual box. First time I have it running on a single P2/350
    with 2.4.0-test8 kernel on it. After flowscan passed the 5 minutes limit
    for the first time, I tooked the disks and put them into the dual box. The
    kernel is compiled now with SMP support. Should I recompile cflowd
    ? Should I compoli it with some special flags ?
    Ohh ... And I don't get any other error messages from cflowd when it
    crashes ... And it uses to crashes once or twice a day, in the night of
    course :)) .. So I have to run a little watchdog script to restart it :((


    George Boulescu RoEduNet Network Operations Manager and Senior Network Engineer, Bucharest NOC.

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