Re: Possible Memory Leak

From: Chris Parry (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 13:57:22 PDT

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    After 21 hours my cflowd is at 16 megs of memory used:
    FreeBSD 4.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.1-RELEASE #2: Mon Oct 9
    16:09:33 PDT 2000 i386


    On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 04:25:57PM -0400, Brown, Steve wrote:
    > My memory usage climbs up to 78% and slows down my machine. It doesn't hang
    > but general performance of the server goes way down. I'm running RedHat 6.2
    > on a single Penium 550 Mhz machine with 128 Mb of RAM. I've also noticed
    > that over this last weekend, Flowscan was only graphing about 1/3 of the
    > traffic volume on our gateway interface. The graph and the memory problem
    > corrected themselves when I rebooted the server.
    > Steve B.
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    > Subject: Possible Memory Leak
    > I've been running cflowd a little over a month now. The first week I ran
    > cflowd-2-1-a9 straight from the source. It ran about 4 and a half days
    > and then my machine locked up. (It's running on a dual processor
    > pentium with 128M.) The box had been running for months prior to that,
    > and this was it's first full-time application. I then heard about FlowScan,
    > so I went back to cflowd-2-1-a6, with the flowscan patches. This was
    > nice, but I still ran into the same behavior as before. About four days
    > into the run, the machine would hang. Having read about a possible
    > memory leak, I always kept a window running "top" open, so that I could
    > monitor the behavior of the process. Cdlowd seems to grab about 12-17%
    > of memory a day. Once the process reached about 78% of the memory,
    > the system would hang. A few days ago, I reinstalled cflowd-2-1-a9 with
    > the flowscan patches. I'm still seeing this same behavior. Is anyone else
    > seeing this?
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