RE: Possible Memory Leak

From: Steve Brown (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 12:44:28 PDT

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    Here is a copy of the rc script that was distributed with flowscan (with
    some modifications). It will now start (and stop) cfdcollect in addition to
    cflowdmux and cflowd. This fixed my memory problem.


    Steve Brown

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    Subject: RE: Possible Memory Leak

    Steve ... I have not solved my memory problem. Your solution sounds very
    encouraging. Could you email me a copy of your modified script. Thanks.
    (Based on the number of people having this problem, you may want to post
    it to the group as well.)
                                                             -Paul Marsh-

    At 08:41 AM 10/13/00 -0700, you wrote:
    >I'm not sure if you have solved your memory leak problem; however, I was
    >able to fix it on my machine by modifying the rc script that came with
    >Flowscan. The original start-up script would start Cflowdmux and Cflowd,
    >but it would not start Cfdcollect. Cfdcollect must be running in order to
    >release all of the memory that Cflowd secures. I modified the script to
    >start cfdcollect after cflowd. Now my memory usage remains under 5% after
    >10 hours of running. I hope this helps you.
    >Steve Brown
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    >Subject: Possible Memory Leak
    >I've been running cflowd a little over a month now. The first week I ran
    >cflowd-2-1-a9 straight from the source. It ran about 4 and a half days
    >and then my machine locked up. (It's running on a dual processor
    >pentium with 128M.) The box had been running for months prior to that,
    >and this was it's first full-time application. I then heard about
    >so I went back to cflowd-2-1-a6, with the flowscan patches. This was
    >nice, but I still ran into the same behavior as before. About four days
    >into the run, the machine would hang. Having read about a possible
    >memory leak, I always kept a window running "top" open, so that I could
    >monitor the behavior of the process. Cdlowd seems to grab about 12-17%
    >of memory a day. Once the process reached about 78% of the memory,
    >the system would hang. A few days ago, I reinstalled cflowd-2-1-a9 with
    >the flowscan patches. I'm still seeing this same behavior. Is anyone
    >seeing this?
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