OpenBSD compile work-around, and eventual core dump

From: Chas Wareing (
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 14:26:49 PDT

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    I've got cflowd 2.1a9 to compile on OpenBSD but it's unstable-

    . Needed to modify apps/ Makefiles from "@ -if" to "@ if"

    . Commented out the following line 46 in snmp++/classes/src/target.cpp
            inline int MIN(int a, int b) {return a<b?a:b;}
      to avoid this error and succeed in compiling cflowd-
            # make
            c++ -D__unix__ -I../include/snmp++ -I./ -g -O2 -c target.cpp -o
            target.cpp:46: syntax error before `int'

    So now it runs fine for a couple of hours before cflowd dumps core-

    Any suggestions? I'm thinking of monitoring/restarting cflowd whenever
    it dumps, but obviously I'd prefer a stable runtime-

    Chas. <c3w@ISP.NET>
    ISP Networks, Inc.

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