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From: K.C. Smith (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 10:14:33 PST

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    The year 1969 has shown up as the start time in some of our data and I'd
    like to find out why. I immediately thought that the router must have put
    zero in the UNIX_SECONDS field of the cflow header when the cflow export
    process was restarted. But, with another restart of the cflow export process
    on the router and viewing the packets I saw that this wasn't the case. The
    router process has restarted several times, but the 1969 only showed up two
    times, both after cflowd was left running for more than a day without
    receiving any data (because none was being sent to it).

    So, I'm inclined to believe that cflowd or one of its associates causes this
    problem when left running with out receiving data for a certain amount of
    time. Can someone confirm this?

    We're only sending cflow packets from one router now. What if cflowd was
    receiving from several routers and one of them stopped sending packets for a
    long time? Would 1969 show up as the start time for that one router when it
    restarted? (My guess is yes.)

    A work around might be to restart cflowd after it has been deprived of data
    for a certain amount of time. But, this wouldn't be a good solution when
    many routers are sending data.

    K.C. Smith

    p.s. It's cflowd version 2-1-a9 .

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