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Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 09:05:20 PST

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    > Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 09:57:11 -0500
    > From: "Slutsman, Lev A, ALSVC" <>
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    > Subject: Getting Started
    > Hi there,
    >Please forgive my total ignorance. I am trying to use arts utilities to view
    >the cflowd data. I have installed the arts package (under /usr/local/),
    >however I am unable neither tu run utilities, nor even view the man page for
    >them. Could you hint, what is going wrong??

    You aren't giving much in the way of clues as to how things are not working
    for you. The man pages are in manl (that's L as in local, not man1 as in
    section 1). Do you have a directory with the manl files in it? Is that in
    your MANPATH?

    When you say you can't run the utilities, there must be a message of
    some kind when they don't run, or I have to wonder if you are feeding
    them the sort of data files that they find to be tasty. I suggest you
    get more specific about what the command line is that you are trying
    and exactly what messages you see when it doesn't work. Also, please
    tell us about the origins of the files you are trying to feed to the
    utilities in question. It would be good for you to mention which
    version of the software you are working with and what your run time
    environment is (Solaris 2.6, Linux Redhat 6.1, ...?). You may even need to
    tell us about the versions of cc you used to build the software. Not having
    the compiler-related run-time libraries available on your system could
    be part of your woes.

    I hope that helps. At least in a generic sort of way.


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