netflow/cflow on Catalyst 6000 Native IOS

From: Andrew Fort (
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 15:52:15 PST

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    Is anyone using Netflow export on their Cat6k running Native-mode IOS (as
    opposed to Hybrid mode where you have CatOS on the supervisor and IOS on the

    It appears the Native IOS only supports the aggregated exports in v7 and v8
    packet formats, and that they come from the SP (the NMP/supervisor), not the
    RP (MSFC).

    In some TAC training videos for the Cat6k, they mention NDE and say "the v8
    formats are variable", meaning there's a few sub-formats, is the sub-formats
    (aggregation records?) used by the Cat6k compatible with cflowd?


    andrew fort
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