RE: IfIndex issues on Cisco Cat 6000 w/MSFC

From: Andrew Fort (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 14:35:54 PST

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    > I'm doing identical polling and have not experienced problems
    > with ifIndex not matching up. However, I have had long talks
    > w/ Cisco about the MSFC switching method only allowing for
    > the first packet of any flow to be recorded and then having
    > the rest switched at layer2 (outside NetFlow's view).
    > The way I solved this was using the 64 bit HC counters to
    > poll the Gig interfaces corresponding to the uplinks I'm
    > getting NetFlow data from. I use NetFlow to calculate a
    > rough % and then multiply this by the SNMP MB/sec average for
    > an average Mb/sec to a given AS.

    Is all of your traffic hardware switched? If not, how do you handle the
    flows which are always software switched (DECnet traffic, for instance) in
    your calculations (this is difficult only if you mix IP and DECnet traffic
    routed on the same interface)?


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