Re: IfIndex issues on Cisco Cat 6000 w/MSFC

From: Jeffrey Papen (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 16:05:26 PST

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    64 Bit OIDs for Gig interfaces on 6500 switch are:

    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCInOctets" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCInUcastPkts" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCInMulticastPkts" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCInBroadcastPkts" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCOutOctets" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCOutUcastPkts" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCOutMulticastPkts" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCOutBroadcastPkts" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCFixedLengthGroup" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifHCPacketGroup" ""
    IF-MIB.oid:"ifVHCPacketGroup" ""

    I didn't have to change anything on the 6500, but to poll I did the following.

    Store a list of VLANs that I wanted to monitor in a flat file
    vlan_oid = '.';

    Then I use the above VLAN to get the blade.port for each VLAN. I store all the blade.port info for the VLANs I'm looking for then use this OID
    ifindex_oid = '.';

    to find the interface index for each blade.port pair. Now that I know the ifindex, I can append it to the HC OIDs above to get the stats for the gig ports that map to the VLANs for the interfaces running netflow.

    - Jeffrey

    "José Domínguez" wrote:
    > Jeffrey could you send me the oids you used for the
    > 64 bit HC counters and any configuration you had to do on the 6K.
    > Thank you,
    > José.

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