RE: IfIndex issues on Cisco Cat 6000 w/MSFC

From: Andrew Fort (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 18:22:12 PST

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    Do any of you guys know anyone doing NetFlow Data Export on a Native IOS
    Catalyst 6000 (a "c6sup11" or "c6sup12" image)? It's seemingly setup a bit
    more oriented towards the SP's (sup) side of the equation but I'm not sure.
    We've chosen to use the Native IOS mode and I want to use the NDE for
    analysis, if not billing (that's still handled by the gateway/borders).

    > 1. Get NDE stats from MSFC(router) on a per interface basis
    > (this works by
    > default)
    > 2. Get NDE stats from Sup(switch) on a per port basis and
    > convert to a per

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