No getting Flows

From: E Manners (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 06:47:21 PST

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    I have cflowd configured and running on a Solaris machine and all three
    programs (cflowdmux, cflowd and cfdcollect ) seem to run without any errors.
    My problem is that I do not gt any flows.

    When I do a:
        truss -f -topen cflowd /usr/local/arts/etc/cflowd.conf
    I get the following erros in my syslog:

    -Nov 13 09:24:38 mrtg cflowd[12696]: [E] bind(5,,16) failed:
    Address already in use {}

    -Nov 13 09:24:38 mrtg cflowd[12696]: [A] failed to open TCP socket! Exiting

    Any ideas will be appreciated.
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