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From: R. Drew Davis (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 05:10:17 PST

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    > Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 23:28:28 -0800
    > From: Sherry Lin <>
    > To:
    > Subject: cflowd v8
    >I am just starting to use the cflowd tools so sorry for the questions.
    >I was using flowwatch for monitoring cflowd v5 packets and it was
    >but when I switch it to v8 it didn't seem to work.
    >Is flowwatch compatible with v8?
    >What other tools can I use to monitor v8 flows?

    v8 is a frequent topic of late on this list. Check the archives. I've
    no first hand experience with v8, but apparently if you have the right
    IOS version, the rather young code in cflowd to support v8 is said to
    work. You didn't mention what version of IOS you are running.


    Here's what I found by picking messages in my cflowd collection that mention

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