RE: Cflowd dies, cfdcollect can't reconnect until after reboot.

Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 07:41:56 PST

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    I have experienced this behaviour on Red Hat 6.0. I traced it to a problem
    with the cflowd process. If you run something like 'netstat -an' you will
    see what processes are bound to what ports. cflowd should be bound to port
    2056 as default, however in this "error state" I noted that nothing is bound
    to 2056. As you experienced, stopping and restarting cflowd does not help.
    This appears to be due to the fact that when cflowd goes into the "error
    state" it looses track (for want of a better term) of its shared memory
    segments and semaphore arrays. Use 'ipcs -a' to display these. I have
    found that if these are removed, using the ipcrm command, cflowd will again
    restart successfully.

    I found that under heavy load cflowd would mess up in this manner every few
    days. I ended up writing a script that checks to see if port 2056 is in
    use, and if it isn't (cflowd has become messed up) then I shut down
    cfdcollect and cflowdmux, remove the shared memory and semaphores, and start
    it up again. Works like a charm.

    I can relate to your frustration in finding a program that will not run
    properly until after the box has been rebooted. Hehe, it's the sort of
    behaviour I'd expect to see on a windows machine. :-)

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    > -----Original Message----- > From: Soren Petersen [] > Sent: Tuesday, 16 January 2001 14:09 > To: > Subject: Cflowd dies, cfdcollect can't reconnect until after reboot. > > > Hi, > > Cflowd has been acting strange ever since I upgraded to cflowd-2-1-b1. > The cflowd process dies at a random interval without leaving > a trace in > syslog. When I start it back up, cfdcollect can no longer connect to > cflowd, which it shows by writing the following in syslog: > > Jan 16 13:38:40 machine cfdcollect[490]: [ID 365783 local6.error] [E] > connect(4,1 31f6c,16) (host port 2056) failed: Connection > refused {} > > Even if I shut down cflowd, cflowdmux and cfdcollect and > start them all > back up again, cfdcollect still can't connect. The only way > I've been able > to make it work again has been to reboot the machine. > > Has anyone else seen this behavior, and does someone have a > solution to > offer? > > - Soren > > -- > cflowd mailing list > >

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