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From: Martin Horneffer (Horneffer@rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE)
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 02:12:40 PST

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    On Jan 26, 19:52, Andrew Kemp wrote:

    > I was advocating the use of cflowd and related
    > utils for this project, but a couple of other
    > network engineers has raised a concern with
    > "the summarisation that cflowd performs".
    > Another consequence of this summaristaion is that
    > "cflowd was considered deficient as it throws
    > away too much data".

    Use used to use the flow-* tools earlier but eventually decided to use

     - Your colleagues are somewhat right, but cflowd can be made to capture
    the complete flows, too. Just use Dave Plonka's patches:

     - You can use the cflowd's flowdump to analyse the flows or use the C++
    API to write your own tools. With the flow-* tools I ended up writing perl
    scripts to analyse the flows, but C++ is definitely more efficient.
    (I like both Perl and C++ but not unstructured C.)

     - cflowd's separate process cflowdmux causes less packet loss and allows
    to log every single missed flow.


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