Re: cflowd for Billing

From: John Butler (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 15:28:14 PST

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    Thus spake Eswar the MAD (
    > I am not a networking or router guy. I am a Database Guy.
    > But want to install and implement cflowd for Billing purposes. Can anybody
    > give light in the area of what information i can get from the raw file. Can
    > i get the connection time of a system with regards to its ip with the
    > router. Its basically a Billing Solution. If any body can give me the
    > details it will be very helpful.

    As cflowd is free software, I'll wager its creators and maintainers will
    expressly disclaim its fitness for this purpose. Since they're not paid
    to write it, they can't afford the liability insurance to defend against
    someone claiming that some inaccurate or imperfect aspect of it led to
    their being overbilled by someone using it.

    That, and it's still a beta...


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