Netflow pkts not seen by cflowd

From: Timothy Vann (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 11:59:47 PST

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    I am having problems with my cflowd setup. I am running cflowd-2-1-b1 with
    arts++-1-1-a8 on RedHat Linux 7.0.

    My basic problem is this. I can see the Netflow pkts come into the linux
    box using tcpdump. The pkts seem uncorrupted. The problem is cflowdmux
    never seems to rcv the packets. At least flowwatch never shows anything and
    I never get any info stored in the flow files. I have done all of the usual
    verification stuff that is listed in the config guide and don't see anything
    wrong. I am attaching my cflowd.conf and cfdcollect.conf files for further
    info. Hopefully it's just something simple that I have setup incorrectly.

    I've seen this similar problem discussed in the mail group but the threads
    always seem to end without anyone posting the solution, hence, I'm asking

    Tim Vann

     <<cfdcollect.conf>> <<cflowd.conf>>

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