Catalyst 6000 Native IOS

From: José Valerdi Tormo (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 09:23:48 PST

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    Hi Andrew,

    I've a Catalyst 6500 and maybe it's posible that you can answer me this
    little question. I'm testing an Intrusion Detect program and of course I
    want to sniff all the packets that it cross my network. I know that it's
    posible make a copy of packets from one port to another and I want to know
    if it's necesary any special HW to do this. I've tried to find this
    information in the CISCO Web and I've find the "set security" command, but
    the Switch tell me that this command it's not supported in my HW. Do you
    know if there are any posibility to do this. I don't want a heavy IP process
    packet I only want copy the packects from one port to another.

    Thanks in advance for all and beg my perdon if this mail disturb you.

    José Valerdi Tormo

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