Re: Catalyst 6000 Native IOS

From: Dana Watanabe (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 11:16:20 PST

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    You want to use the set span command.

    I was recently told that for a 6513 that we are buying, we could span 1 port
    to 4 other ports without it degrading performance.

    We haven't purchased this, so i can't tell you if that statement has ever
    held true.

    But spanning one port to one port, i can't see there being a problem.

    You can also span a whole VLAN to one port, you just need to make sure the
    bandwidth of the port is capable of handling the bandwidth of the VLAN.

    On 2/7/01 9:23 AM, "Josť Valerdi Tormo" <> wrote:

    > Hi Andrew,
    > I've a Catalyst 6500 and maybe it's posible that you can answer me this
    > little question. I'm testing an Intrusion Detect program and of course I
    > want to sniff all the packets that it cross my network. I know that it's
    > posible make a copy of packets from one port to another and I want to know
    > if it's necesary any special HW to do this. I've tried to find this
    > information in the CISCO Web and I've find the "set security" command, but
    > the Switch tell me that this command it's not supported in my HW. Do you
    > know if there are any posibility to do this. I don't want a heavy IP process
    > packet I only want copy the packects from one port to another.
    > Thanks in advance for all and beg my perdon if this mail disturb you.
    > Josť Valerdi Tormo
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