cflowd dieing randomly

From: Brett L. Hawn (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 19:11:57 PST

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    I'm running a semi-production/semi-test version of cflowd on a Netra360 w/
    512mb ram, 1gig swap, and tons of drive space. Was working fine when I was
    only exporting about 3 routers worth of data, kicked it up to 5 and it now
    its going to hell. After a reboot cflowd will run for about 30 minutes or so
    then I get spammed with the following in my syslog (and cflowd cores out):

    Feb 10 22:58:54 cflowd[184]: [E] semop(0,0xefe34b80,1)
    failed to release buffer lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

    I've done all the necessary steps like setting my shmem size, etc. Anyone
    got an idea what might be causing this?

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