Re: cflowd memory usage

From: Mark Fullmer (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 13:15:34 PST

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    > I probably won't make my version of flowwatch into a patch, unless someone else
    > wants to work on it. Right now I am in the process of cleaning up cflowd so
    > that it does everything flowscan needs, but no more.
    > I believe this can cut the cpu usage by a lot, and use less memory. This is
    > important to me, because flowscan needs all the cpu juice it can get! Maybe it
    > would be better to combine cflowd and cflowdmux into one program to eliminate
    > the intermediate shared memory step. I am relatively inexperienced with c++
    > programming, so I would appreciate any help anyone can offer. Has anyone done
    > something like this before?

    flow-tools-0.40.tar.gz (in the same place) has support for v6, v7, and v8
    flow export formats. I just switched to using autoconf/automake so it may
    not build right out of the box but I'll accept patches or bug reports :)

    I've had a single flow-capture running for over a year on some

    If you want to discuss flow-tools, please subscribe to the mailing list
    by sending an email to Historically
    flow-tools has not been all that useful in a service provider environment
    because it did not support the v8 export formats. v8 support was
    recently added, and additional reporting capabilities are in the works.


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