Seeking for Traffic Log Data for Analysis Experiment

From: Yasuhiro Kokusho (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 22:09:03 PST

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    Dear ML members.
    I am now belonging to a research project that develops the
    theory and scheme for internet traffic analysis.
    In order to verify and experiment the correctness and effectiveness
    of our analysis scheme, the stock of the internet traffic data
    which is measured for more than a half year is indispensable.
    Is there anyone who knows whereabouts of such traffic data?
    If there exists such data, please let me know the whether it can be
    used for free.
    We need the stock of traffic data that satisfies following requirements.

    1) The traffic data which was measured for more than a half of the year.
    2) The traffic data must be represented by raw numeric data.
    3) The traffic data must have been measured at the intervals of an hour or
    4) Each traffic data represents the amounts of data that was transmitted
       in a specific network link at each moment.

    Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, JAPAN
    Yasuhiro Kokusho

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