Optimizing cflowd disk performance

From: Jeffrey Papen (jpapen@yahoo-inc.com)
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 08:36:23 PST

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    Writing the raw flows to disk (thanks to Plonka's super sweet patch) I'm seeing over 1 Gig per hour being written to disk. Unfortunately this is a small data center, so I'm trying to optimize as best I can before moving this to a primary data center.

    I'm trying to strike a balance between the # of flow files, their size, and optimal disk IO. I would appreciate if anyone else with a large amount of bandwidth being written by cflowd could chime in and describe their hardware setup and/or software config.

    Here is the cflowd.conf file

      LOGFACILITY: local6
      PKTBUFSIZE: 2097152
      TABLESOCKFILE: /usr/local/arts/etc/cflowdtable.socket
      FLOWDIR: /usr/local/arts/data/cflowd/flows
      FLOWFILELEN: 100000
      MINLOGMISSED: 1000

    I also wanted to confirm that in the CISCOEXPORTER Section to collect all of the raw flows I only need
      COLLECT: { flows }
    and not
      #COLLECT: { flows, protocol, portmatrix, netmatrix, asmatrix }

    Thanks a lot!
    - Jeffrey

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