empty artsases & artsports output

From: Alexander Serkin (als@cell.ru)
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 07:32:39 PST

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    The following configuration of cisco:

    interface FastEthernet1/0
     ip route-cache flow
    interface FastEthernet1/1
     ip route-cache flow
    interface Ethernet2/0
     ip route-cache flow
    interface Ethernet2/1
     ip route-cache flow
    ip flow-export source FastEthernet1/0
    ip flow-export version 5 peer-as
    ip flow-export destination a.b.c.d 2055

    and cflowd:

      HOST: ip.addr.of.ciscoFa1/0
      ADDRESSES: { ip.addr.of.ciscoFa1/0 }
      CFDATAPORT: 2055
      SNMPCOMM: 'public'
      COLLECT: { flows, netmatrix, ifmatrix, portmatrix, asmatrix }

    gives me no information about ASes and ports in arts files.
    Only netmatrix info is available. What could go wrong with this ?
    The version of cflow is cflowd-2-1-a3.
    Cisco: 7206VXR IOS 12.0(7)T.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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