cflowd2-1-b1 crashing

From: Kevin Stewart (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 21:32:51 PST

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    I am having problems keeping cflowd running

    it keeps core dumping :(

    I am running it on a PIII using Solaris7 for intel cflowd2-1-b1 and

    my GDB and C++ are very rusty but

    #0 0xdfe7bde5 in strlen ()
    #1 0xdfead636 in _doprnt ()
    #2 0xdfeaf2a7 in vsnprintf ()
    #3 0xdfea0227 in vsyslog ()
    #4 0xdfe9fdeb in _syslog ()
    #5 0x8089785 in CflowdCisco::ClearTableData (this=<incomplete type>) at
    #6 0x807ba7b in HandleCollectorClient () at
    #7 0x807ca19 in MainLoop () at
    #8 0x807cc1f in main (argc=1, argv=0x8047d4c) at

    It looks like CflowdCisco::ClearTableData is calling syslog with incorrect
    which is causing strlen to die.

    On my E250 Solaris8 cflowd2-1-b1 and arts++-1-1-a8

    #0 0xff132e5c in strlen () from /usr/lib/
    #1 0xff181890 in _doprnt () from /usr/lib/
    #2 0xff183a04 in vsnprintf () from /usr/lib/
    #3 0xff14fcb4 in vsyslog () from /usr/lib/
    #4 0xff14f800 in syslog () from /usr/lib/
    #5 0x4d5f0 in CflowdPortMatrix::write (this=0xbc878, fd=6)
        at ../include/CflowdUint64TrafficCounter.hh:223
    #6 0x3a360 in CflowdCisco::write (this=0xbc618, fd=6) at
    #7 0x3f9bc in CflowdCiscoMap::Write (this=0xb1514, fd=6)
    #8 0x2d98c in HandleCollectorClient () at
    #9 0x2e79c in MainLoop () at
    #10 0x2e9d0 in main (argc=0, argv=0xffbefd50) at

    same thing with a call to syslog but from CflowdPortMatrix::write

    Anyone got a fix or do I just coment the calls to syslog out?


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