RE: Does Cflowd support type 8?

From: Nunes, Steve (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 07:02:03 PST

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    If you take a look at UpdateTablesWithV8Data() in, you will see
    that although
    cflowdmux can receive all the v8 agg types, it will only transfer three of
    the types
    to the tables. If you need a different agg type than the 3 supported, you
    would have to add another case clause to support that type.

    Steve Nunes
    CoreExpress Inc.

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    I believe that it does based on what the faq states,
    though I haven't tested it.

    Two helpful URLs are:
    Check near the bottom of the faq for version 8 info...

    The faq references this address at Cisco's website:

    -- steve

    --- Jeffrey Papen <> wrote:
    > I've been told by Cisco that the GSR supports
    > NetFlow type 8 (Aggregation) only and that type 5 is
    > not supported on POS cards, etc. Will Cflowd
    > support type 8? Are the raw formats different? Any
    > URLs to read up on are appreciated.
    > Thanks,
    > - Jeffrey
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