What Am I measuring

From: Hans Wouters (hans.wouters@belbone.net)
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 08:09:08 PDT

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    I have flow export version 5 , peer-as configured on my routers.
    I'm running CFLOWD and I'm collecting AS-MATRIX data.

    If I look to the data for a dedicated interface to one of my peers, I get
    different AS's as source AS.

    I tought that if you were running in the configuration described above,
    that you only could get 1 AS as source since I'm only measuring incoming
    traffic on the links where I have flow export configured.

    Am I only receiving incoming traffic on, these links ?
    Because, if I count the 5 minute data on a link I get almost 10 procent
    less traffic , than when I watch my mrtg interface statistics.

    Can anyone clarify, or point me in the direction of some reading on this



    Hans Wouters
    IP operations engineer

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