Swapping Question

From: Ryan Crouch (ryan@meridiantech.com.au)
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 06:58:09 PDT

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    Hi All,
        Im running cflow on a slackware 7.1 machine. PPro 200, with 196mb RAM.

        The machine has been running absolutely beautifly but I have a query. Its using 70MB of swap space, and only 60mb of RAM. Is this normal ? I know that linux machines using swap is bad, but the load average is right down low (0.01). I swapoff the space, and it all loads to memmory. Then within 24 hours its put it all back in swap. Im assuming this is OLD flows?

        I dont believe in rebooting machines either, and I know that will fix the issue, only temporarily. Can someone shed some light on these occurrences.

    Thanks in Advance

    Ryan - Meridian Technologies Aust.
    Email - ryan@meridiantech.com.au
    URL - http://www.meridiantech.com.au

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