RE: use cflowd for accounting on 6509

From: Andrew Fort (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 17:43:57 PDT

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    Are you using the Hybrid mode or Native IOS mode? (Native IOS can NDE from
    the MSFC as well as from the Sup). If you're using cflowd, I presume it's
    version 5 flows (the ver 8 aggregate types exported by the sup(?) are still
    unsupported by cflowd?) - do they originate from the supervisor or the MSFC?

    David Spindler wrote,

    > We use data from our 6509 for accounting. Shouldn't be any
    > problem getting both
    > flows. There is a limit of around 32K-64K flows so depending
    > on your traffic you
    > may have to tune the timers and flow mask.


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