RE: Netflow export on GSRs

From: Phil Lee (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 06:32:20 PDT

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    We use Engine 0 for 4 port STM1 and single port STM4 and Engine 1 for Gig E.
    We would be looking at enabling netflow export on the STM cards.



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    Hi Phil

    At 12:26 24-5-2001 +0100, Phil Lee wrote:
    >Does anyone know what sort of sampling interval I should be looking at for
    >fairly heavily loaded 12012 to make sure the CPU utilization of netflow
    >export stays reasonable?

    even the best sampling mode interval might not good enough. It doesn't come
    down to which GSR you have but on which linecard you want netflow enabled.
    The performance differs between Engine 0,1 and 2 cards. With the engine 0
    card, even sampling at the highest rate might still cause you to loose 20%
    of the linecard forwarding capabilities.

    We had a GiGe card that we used netflow on , sampled 1/100. When we removed
    it, the same night we went from our normal average 690 MB to 780Mb.

    What type of linecard engines do you use?

    best regards


    >Any help would be greatly appreciated
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