Re: src AS 0 and distributed cef

From: Hielke Christian Braun (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 06:06:32 PDT

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    Hello Benoit,
    > If this is the exporting interface, there is no issue with netflow
    > If this is on the interface where you enabled netflow, there is a small
    > issue:
    > As there is no yet an ifIndex for dot1q subinterface, your exported data
    > will contain the ifIndex of the main interface. Note this feature should be
    > released very soon; I tested an engineering image which works perfectly.
    > Now I don't think that this relates to your problem.

    Hope so.
    With that new release, would it be possible to get i/o counters via
    snmp for the subinterfaces? That feature would be great ...

    > To troubleshoot the problem, sh ip cef <ip_address>
    > You should see the AS field populated.
    > If not there, you have a look at your bgp table and correlate the
    > information.
    > If there, you should open a case with the TAC to troubleshoot further.

    The AS is shown for every ip i tried with sh ip cef. So seems to be
    a bug. I will try to contact the TAC, but without a support contract it will
    be major hassle.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,
            Christian Braun

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