Re: RFC´s?

From: Simon Leinen (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 12:21:47 PDT

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    > I´d like to confirm NetFlow got one or more RFC´s describing it. Someone
    > here told me that, but I couldn´t find any document at the IETF website.
    > Does anybody know about it?

    There are currently no IETF documents about NetFlow. RFC 2124 (LFAP)
    and RFCs 2720-2724 (RTFM) describe other flow-based accounting
    mechanisms. A few weeks ago, an IPFX mailing list was started to
    discuss standardization of "Internet Protocol Flow Export", see:

    There should be a BOF on this activity at the next IETF meeting in
    London in August.

    Simon Leinen	

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