Re: cflowdmux running without errors but no data coming in

From: Martin van den Nieuwelaar (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 23:05:35 PDT

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    Joe Loiacono wrote:
    > Another thing you might want to look for is whether the IP address of the
    > router that you've put in cflowd.conf is the same address that is showing
    > up as the source address in the IP packets. If they differ, cflowd will not
    > receive the data (I believe).
    > Joe

    Yes, I have experienced this problem myself. It took me ages to track
    down because the router had about twenty interfaces and I didn't have
    them all listed in the CFLOWD config file. It turned out the be a cut
    and paste between windows that had truncated a couple of IP addresses
    off the end! As it turns out, those were the IP addresses the router
    was using. After that I changed all my configs so that I only used
    the loopback address in the CFLOWD configs and specified the loopback
    as the interface all exports should originate from on the router.

    Same Symptom as what Halldor is seeing, but I'm not sure it's the same
    cause this time...


    > At 01:37 PM 06/11/2001 +0000, Halldór Högnason wrote:
    > >Hi and thanks for your reply,
    > >
    > >Maby the CISCO is not sending the correct header to the cflowd, does
    > >cflowd/mux support
    > >Netflow v8 ?
    > >
    > >As you can see in my config I'm using the source-prefix v8 header and now
    > >I'm just wondering
    > >if it's supported my cflowd ?
    > >
    > >Best regards,
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