cflowd stops running after couple of hours

From: Jeroen Wolff (
Date: Sun Jun 17 2001 - 21:50:10 PDT

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    I''m running cflowdmux and cflowd on 2 Cobalt NAQRaq and the cfdcollect on
    a SUN (with Linux). Everything works fine
    when i start it. But after +/- 8 hours cflowd stops running on both
    machines. No messages in the log...

    I use the exaple config and collect this....

    COLLECT: { protocol, portmatrix, ifmatrix, nexthop, netmatrix,
                       asmatrix, tos, flows }

    Does anybody have an idea what causes cflowd to stop? And how to fix it.

    Jeroen Wolff

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