how to extract ip data from arts file written by cfdcollect?

From: Yu-lin Chang (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 10:52:44 PDT

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    I'm a buckwheat to cflowd. May I ask a question about cfdcollect?

    Once the cflowd & cfdcollect installed. Cfdcollect generates arts
    files that store CISCO's flow-exports data.

    I setup the cflowd configuration tells cfdcollect to store "flows" raw data,
    my configuration (cflowd.conf) looks like following,

      HOST: # major ip of router who sends flow data to me.
      ADDRESSES: {, # interface ips on router that send
                      140.109.yyy.yyy } # out flow data.
      CFDATAPORT: 9991 # cflowdmux listens on this UDP port.
      SNMPCOMM: 'public' # router's SNMP community name.
      LOCALAS: 9264 # Local AS number of this router.
      COLLECT: { asmatrix, netmatrix, portmatrix, ifmatrix,
                      protocol, nexthop, tos, flows }

    My question is, how do I extract ip<-->ip traffic data from the arts files?
    I like to have a report like

    src_ip dst_ip in_byte out_byte protocol_type(tcp/ip/...) ip_port

    Should I write programs myself to do that? or there is a tool in cflowd-package
    can do that?

    thanks for your kindly helps, and I have to apologize for my poor English.

    Yu-lin Chang

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