Re: how to extract ip data from arts file written by cfdcollect?

From: Joe Loiacono (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 08:17:09 PDT

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    Use "flowdump" (with the distribution) to create ascii files from the raw
    flow files. Then apply a PERL script to the ascii flow files and generate
    your own reports as you like them.

    At 09:38 AM 06/25/2001 +0800, Yu-lin Chang wrote:
    >thank you Claret.
    >I've check every arts utilities come with cflowd. As their name
    >reflect, they can phrase arts files for AS-number, Net-Matrix, etc.
    >But they can not provide ip<-->ip traffic reports.
    >I read arts++ library documents all night. It provide a interface
    >to extract IpPathData, AsMatrixData, NetMatrixDat, and so on.
    >Except IpPathData, they all have a member function named "Bytes()".
    >"Bytes()" will report the traffic between two AS (or two Nets,...).
    >IpPathData did not have such member function.
    >If I got correct concept, the "flows" option in "COLLECT" (cflowd.conf)
    >will direct cfdcollect to store the raw flow data. The raw flow data
    >from CISCO flow-export contains ip<-->ip traffic information.
    >But artstoc did not report there is "flows" in arts file. I'm very
    >Yu-lin Chang

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