UDP port not listening..

From: Liger-dc (liger_dc@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 07:54:09 PDT

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    I would like to ask the help of people who have cflowd up and running
    on thier boxes and are
    receiving flows. I have install cflowd on a PIII 450 RH Linux 7.1 box
    with 256MB and have yet to
    receive flows even though I am currently getting no error messages.
    Whenever I do a tcp dump The
    only communication that I see between my routers (7507, 6509 w/ msfc)
    and my collecter are snmp
    requests and responses. However I was told that if I run 'tcpdump -n
    udp port 2255' (2056 is the
    port that I am using to recieve upd flows) i should see something
    similar to this:

    collector# tcpdump -n udp port 2255
    tcpdump: listening on all devices
    12:11:29.953100 > udp 1168
    12:11:29.965310 > udp 1168
    12:11:29.967780 > udp 1168
    12:11:29.985854 > udp 1168
    12:11:29.998673 > udp 1168
    12:11:29.009464 > udp 1168

    but I do not.

    When I do 'netstat -an' the tcp port is listening but not the udp port.
    Is this regular or is
    there a problem here? Any help is appreciated.

    Edson Manners
    Academic Computing & Networking Services
    Florida State University

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