missed flows

From: mika ruohotie (mika.ruohotie@jippiigroup.com)
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 00:13:23 PDT

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    i was unable to find answers so i'm asking from here.

    what does the following mean:

    cflowd[2118]: [I] missed 107520 of 184440 flows from (null) engine 674104768 \
    agg_method 0 (2.39511e-269% loss)

    i get those from all of the routers, numbers differ each time, ofcourse.

    and yes, i still get some data.

    should i increase udp recv queue? it seems to be 232376 bytes. no, i
    dont see non-zero values on 'netstat -a' recv-q.

    also, earlier i also got:

    cflowdmux[15388]: [E] semop(65536,0xbfbff128,1) failed to release buffer \
    lock: Resource temporarily unavailable {CflowdPacketQueue.cc:438}

    but it seemed to go away after i tweaked my configs and made shmem segment
    16781312 instead of 8392704.

    (yes, i get the first error with both shmem sizes.)

    in case some more data is needed, i'm feeding flowdata from multiple
    routers, and the amount is in many gigabytes per day. cflowd runs on
    freebsd-current with "enough" of memory/cpu/disk/other.


    ** snip **
      LOGFACILITY: local6
      PKTBUFSIZE: 16777216
      TABLESOCKFILE: /var/run/cflowdtable.socket
      FLOWDIR: /data/cflowd/flows
      FLOWFILELEN: 4194304
      NUMFLOWFILES: 2000
       ADDRESSES: { }
       AUTH: none
    ** snip **

    from each router i collect:

    { protocol, portmatrix, ifmatrix, , nexthop, netmatrix, asmatrix, tos, flows }

    ** snip **
    system {
      logFacility: local6
      dataDirectory: /log/cflowd
      filePrefix: arts
      pidFile: /var/run/cfdcollect.pid
    cflowd {
      host: localhost
      tcpCollectPort: 6667
      minPollInterval: 180
    ** snip **


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