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From: Martin van den Nieuwelaar (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 12:12:43 PDT

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    Hi Mika,

    mika ruohotie wrote:
    > hello,
    > i was unable to find answers so i'm asking from here.
    > what does the following mean:
    > cflowd[2118]: [I] missed 107520 of 184440 flows from (null) engine 674104768 \
    > agg_method 0 (2.39511e-269% loss)
    > i get those from all of the routers, numbers differ each time, ofcourse.

    If you have enough cpu/memory/other as you say you do, then I would
    suspect that the packets are disappearing before they get as far as
    your collector. Remember UDP is unreliable so if your netflow export
    packets travel at some point over a congested link, they will be
    dropped and lost for ever.

    Incidentally, the 2.39511e-269% loss is completely wrong (in case you
    hadn't noticed :-)). This appears to be a bug with cflowd. Strangely
    it used to work, many versions ago, but these days it's broken. One
    hopes the missed flow count is accurately measured...


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