cfdcollect does not appear to be working

From: Kevin Halverson (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 06:59:03 PDT

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    cflowdmux/cflowd is running on a machine on my network and collecting data
    from a Cisco router.

    I want to retrieve that data to my PC (Redhat 7.0) I tried compiling the
    cflowd sources (gcc-3.0) but had no luck, so I downloaded the binary.

    I had the admin of the machine running cflowd add my ip to the collect
    stanza in cflowd.conf on that machine.

    I get no data when I run cfdcollect, and I get the following log message:

    Jul 6 07:43:24 cfdcollect[25465]: [I] awakened by alarm.
    Jul 6 07:46:36 cfdcollect[25465]: [E]
    connect(4,0x810abec,16) (host port 2056) failed: Connection
    timed out {}
    Jul 6 07:46:36 cfdcollect[25465]: [I] sleeping for 108

    It seems to me almost like cflowd isn't running, however, I know for a fact
    that flowscan is working on that machine and retrieving the data from

    Any ideas?


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