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Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 09:33:27 PDT

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    I have his program called flowscan that I want to start automatically whenever I reboot. The
    problem is that this program has to be run from the same directory that contains it's config
    files. Is there any way to set up a command in my rc.local to get this running?

    A similar problem to this is that there is another program that uses a Makefile to generate .png
    and .gif files and I want to run make against this makefile every 5 mins. I used make -f
    /the/dir/that/the/makefile/is/in/Makefile in the cron, but I got errors because I wasnt in the
    directory with the makefile and the other files that it needed. These two problems seem similar.
    has anyone else had these problems?

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    Academic Computing & Networking Services
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