Re: Help, anyone know the minimum system require for Cflowd??

From: Claus Rugani Topke (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 07:16:49 PDT

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    I thing you should first defined the following requirements:
    1 - How much traffic will be configured with flow-export ?
    2 - Which type of objects are you planning to store in arts++ files ?
    3 - Are you plannig to agregate statistics in time or by
    interfaces/routers ?
    4 - How long you need the "detailed" data ?

    In our case, with four 0C-3 interfaces, ASN matrix, Interface matrix
    and netmatrix the
    configuration was:
     Pentium III 500MHz + 512MBytes + 3x18Gbytes + 100Mbps interface...

    The amount of traffic exported by the router, depends on traffic
    In normal traffic the amount of traffic exported is less then 5%, so for

    the 4 0C-3 interfaces, the traffic exported should be some less than


    Qingbo Jin wrote:

    > Like CPU ,Memory ,Hard disk??
    > Thanks
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